Saturday, April 2, 2011


Echo effects are pretty much essential in any genre of modern electro music. You can say it is one of the easiest ways to improve quality of  your sound.

There are 2 different effects, delay and reverb?? What the hell? Well it's because it's easier to have two seperate effects. You will often use them together to improve quality of your sound. Reverb will make a very natural effect that will make your sound echo like it's inside of some rom or space. You will have room size, diff (number of walls)  and damp settings. Echo is different in similar sized rooms, in more empty room it would decay slower. If you have decay, delay or damp knobs, fuck arround with them to make your reverb somewhat original. Delay effect is pretty much a repetition of the same sound every x seconds or every x steps with decaying volume. Unlike the reverb, it is possible to recreate delay in piano roll. Good general advice from Fruity Loops Studio manual:
"Reverb is one of those effects that is easy to overdo in a mix, creating a washed out and 'muddy' sound. Reverb works best on isolated or solo instruments. When your track gets busy and has a lot going on it is better to use some light delay on instruments. Rarely should you use reverb on the Master track and affect the whole mix, this tends to muddy the sound also."

It is advised to not apply reverb on drums. Apply less of it for drums and bass channels

People who are new to producing always use too much reverb once they discover it. Using high amounts of delay effect will make your melodies sound much different. using too much reverb will make your sound muddy.

Most generators or samplers will have built in reverb and delay settings. Some of them can only have like 2 knobs. I can tell you a little secret.. Those knobs are not there for you to modulate them. Buit in reverb makes built in preset sounds much higher quality than they would be without it. If you want to use those presets you would naturally turn off "built in reverb" and apply any effects outside of the plugin. You wouldn't like reverb applied on top of reverb, right? You want to keep things so that you can keep track of them and change in the way you like.

Reverb in Rob Papen Albino. Turn it off :

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Most Common Plugins

I am a fan of doing music collabs with other people. I've done several collabs in Reason and dozens in FL Studio. Most didn't end at all or were half assed..But anyways, I'm going to post a list of most used vst plugins that I've encountered:
Rob Papen Albino
Sylenth1 (Free)

Check them out!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Symptoms of an Amateur Track

Sup guys, sorry for being inactive for two days!

I have been interested in music production for 4 years. To get my songs heard more I often had to review other people tracks. I kind of started to distinguish what makes an amateur track and what takes it other level. So here are main points what I think makes a track amateur:
  1. Lack of mastering quality
    This one is the most common one. New producers just do shitty mastering because they either suck at it or have shitty hardware. You feel that instrument volume and frequency levels sound unbalanced, there is something wrong with compression or compression is not present
  2. Something wrong with song structure
    There are songs that might have "the catch" but it evolves in a weird way. In such cases I believe the person didn't think much about the structure. Music is about repetition and in  most electro genres that repetition should come after the drop. Stick with the same idea through the song
  3. Sounds like the creator didn't try hard enough
    Sounds like a copycat of a million songs out there, simple chord choices, repetition without the change, sounds empty. These kind of tracks won't get anyone anywhere, obviously, you don't feel like listening it again because there is nothing else to discover. A good track needs at least 20 hours of production IMO. Intro and outro are needed too, lol.
  4.  Sounds like the creator tried too hard and failed
    This one is funny and I actually I see it often enough. It's hard to explain what is wrong. Todays music has to be a bit subtle, a bit cool, mashing in a lot of stuff does not always do the trick, you know what I am saying.. :) Trying too hard kills the coolness.

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Makes A Good Synth Generator?

 By synth generators I mean  plugins that allow to create your own unique sounds. Some artists prefer such plugins instead of using samplers because it makes you way cooler.

What matters: 
  1. How many oscillators are there?

    There should be at least 2 oscillators. You'll use 1 or 2 for most sounds unless you are really good at it

  2. What type of waves you can choose from?

    You will be able to choose from simple waves like saw, sine, square, pulse, but it's nice to have some additional options.

    Rob Papen Blue which has 6 oscillators and multiple wave options compared to 3xosc which has 3 oscillators, few wave options:

  3. Filter options

    How many filters can you choose from? Can each oscillator be linked to filter you want? Most will have Highpass and Lowpass filters. Some of top tier synths might not have Formant, Notch and Comb filters.

    Z3ta+ having 6 oscillators and only 2 filters:

  4. Envelopes

    Do you want a pad sound or keyboard hits?
    That's where envelopes come in.. It's good if you have separate ASDR envelope for each oscillator. It's also good to have envelope for filters.

    Vanguard doesn't have separate envelopes for each oscillator, only main ones:

  5. LFO options
    Low Frequency Oscillators add some more programming options. Wobbles! What waves can you choose from? Can you have multiple LFOs? Can you link one LFO to another?

    Malstorm having some fancy waves and some minimal linking options(mod:A control changes speed of the first LFO):

  6. Modulation options

    This is where serious shit gets going. The most popular interface is source/destination and I like it more than 2d graphs which make stuff complicated.

    Example in Thor synth:

    Unnecesary complicated Sytrus modulation options:

  7. Portamento
    Make sure you've got that knob! It can be hard to do outside of Generator.
Things that don't matter in a Synth Generator(in my opinion):
  1. Post effects (reverb, delay, distortion, etc..) - I think these should be left for other plugins using mixer channels. There you can do it more effectively.
  2. Gate, arp settings can be done outside of generators too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Future of Electro

Do you guys remember maybe 5 years ago or something around that time minimal as a subgenre appeared everywhere. Minimal house, trance, dnb.. and people were like "It's the future of electronical music!". And suddenly.. You know what happened..

Suddenly, dubstep!!! It is freaking everywhere now :) Nobody saw that one comming!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fruity Loops Studio Pricing

At the first sight, FL Studio has huge price discounts but the cheappest they are offering is utter crap:

FL Studio Express Edition €31.09    

No Piano roll? Are you kidding me? Looks pretty useless

FL Studio Fruity Edition     €62.82    

Not having ability to edit sound waves is fine.. I can do it in Audacity or in other software..but no automation clips? No, thanks! Good luck trying to sell that to anyone who knows at least a tiny bit about producing... You can upgrade it anytime but I haven't found upgrade pricing..

FL Studio Producer Edition     €126.28    

Looks pretty good because I don't record audio or I can do it outside of FL. Edison and Slicex are really nice and I use them a lot but this is quite a huge price increase just to have those automation clips...

FL Studio Signature Bundle (you save €398.99) €189.75    

Wow, that's a bunch of discounts.. But I am still not sure if I really need that stone age "Sytrus" or some "Hardcore" distortion effects randomly added in the package. Since when "Soundfont Player" is that expensive? I bet I can find something that loads soundfonts for free..

Alright, all in all it's not that bad offer.. Music producing software is pretty expensive everywhere. I still think I would probably get that Producer Edition if I had the money.. :)

Info from
Info from 2011-03-21
How do you like those badass spoiler tags?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Make Music!

STEP 1: Learn music theory
STEP 2: Learn software
STEP 3: Compose something
STEP 4: Apply effects
Step 5: Master your track
STEP 6: Upload it to Youtube
STEP 7: Enjoy 13 unknown views that will never comment on your song!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guide to Electro Genres

Hey guys I have been wondering about what interesting can I post in my blog. So I remembered Ishkur's Guide to Electro music guide. It's really cool. It's a compilation of all electronical music genres that existed with included examples. It seems to be a pretty popular thing and for those who haven't seen it, you are definitely missing out :)

This is how it looks:


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Themed Albums

When most artists start to make a song they don't really know how it is going to end up. The same is for albums. Most rappers are like, here is my album full of random songs that have no point.. I think people should do more preparation for the topic of their tracks. I have been thinking to make something video game related, I would like to release an album full of hero theme songs or something like that. If the songs are good then I'll have instant fanbase without much need to advertise. I think new artists should at first focus to be more popular on smaller communities. Just a thought.. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on Fruity Loops

Some of you might have seen this logo. It is of probably one of the most popular music making software, Fruity Loops Studio. I think it doesn't work on mac and for mac you should probably look at Ableton Live.

Anyways, I have been using Fruity Loops for some 3 years, I have to say it's great. It is often recommended for starters even though is not very easy to start with. It has insane amounts of tutorials on youtube. Some are noobish but will do the trick or give the main idea for those beginners. The creators of FL Studio (Image-Line) have their own channel full of tutorials.

Whoever is gonna call FL noob software is wrong.. You cannot judge software by looking at it's logo. Fruit doesn't necesarilly mean it is for fruitheads. For those who don't know, yes, you can make any genre within it (but it's not the special feature, most such software is like this). You will probably need vst plugins for your specific genre. What makes it good is the way you can automate everything. You will probably want to look at FL if you want make something more like dance,techno, glitch, drum and bass...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Retarded Lyrics and Video

Hello again, thanks for checking out my blog, I'm going check yours too ;)

I want to share a recent find. Lyrical genius Rebecca Black and her song:

First of all, you can see a bunch of kids owning better car that you will ever own in your life... And the driver looks like he is 12 years old... But yeah, they are having lots of fun fun fun... If you watch all the way through you win a cookie

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fake Musician Accounts!

Hey guys, what's up. Recently I came across this funny fake account which was noticed on Newgrounds Audio forums. Basically, it was someone pretending to be a girl DJ who is insanely good at music and music production. She had like 2 tracks uploaded per day and it didn't look suspicious to her fans at all. Her popularity was growing real fast as she was on Myspace, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.. Whoever made that account didn't actually know anything about music production, quote from her profile:

"Cetacea does not use computers to make her music. She claims anyone can make music with a computer, but if you want to play live for a crowd, they don't want to see a DJ put down a lap top and hit play. She uses: Roland 808 & 505 workstations/sequencers, Korg keyboards, AKAI midi control system, TC Helicon voice synth, Outboard Roland sampler, and production with a Mackie pro mixing board/Albeton + Reason software"

Protip: you cannot use software or controllers without a computer

There was some more. She was playing piano from 6 years old,
played dozens of instruments, DJing since 10 years old and stuff like that... Too bad nobody actually saved the whole profile info


Monday, March 7, 2011

Yellow Intro

Yellow Nice Techno - Good Mood Injection by Yellow Nice Techno

 Hey guys! This is a little musical blog I am going to do. Techno is cool. Actually, all electronical music is great. How can some people not love it... I'll be putting some info about producing and probably my small musical discoveries and stuff like that. Not trying to be cool or pretending to be good at stuff. I've been producing for a couple years and here is a little example song. I hope you like. Cheers!