Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fake Musician Accounts!

Hey guys, what's up. Recently I came across this funny fake account which was noticed on Newgrounds Audio forums. Basically, it was someone pretending to be a girl DJ who is insanely good at music and music production. She had like 2 tracks uploaded per day and it didn't look suspicious to her fans at all. Her popularity was growing real fast as she was on Myspace, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.. Whoever made that account didn't actually know anything about music production, quote from her profile:

"Cetacea does not use computers to make her music. She claims anyone can make music with a computer, but if you want to play live for a crowd, they don't want to see a DJ put down a lap top and hit play. She uses: Roland 808 & 505 workstations/sequencers, Korg keyboards, AKAI midi control system, TC Helicon voice synth, Outboard Roland sampler, and production with a Mackie pro mixing board/Albeton + Reason software"

Protip: you cannot use software or controllers without a computer

There was some more. She was playing piano from 6 years old,
played dozens of instruments, DJing since 10 years old and stuff like that... Too bad nobody actually saved the whole profile info



soulvask said...

it was a fake ? unbelievable

mac-and-me said...

well take picture of a nice girl
pretend to be someone famous

Random Fan said...

Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it wrong.

ed said...

wait, so who made the music?

Alphabeta said...

I don't use computers, just software.
I use the power of Charlie Sheen's MIND!
What a hottie in the pic though.

liam said...

interesting! and thanks for the follow, following you back !

Jesse Brooks said...

I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but I'm pretty sure that you have software for your mixing desk. My brother talks about upgrading the software on his sometimes. That might have been what they were referring to? Just a thought.

Game Reviewer said...

I don't know anything (at all) about music production, but if the account is fake then that is a real disappointment. Oh and great blog by the way.

a noodle said...

The terminology is clumsy, but the gist of it is about right.